Now, the offer which we will aim to extend has many transfer options. We have also cheaper alternative with shuttle transport Modlin to Warsaw. If you don't know how to get from Modlin airport to the city center faster and safely, we can recommend you our comfortable shared taxi or bus from Modlin airport to Warsaw, for example.

Price list (valid from 1.12.2017)

Modlin Airport – Warsaw or Warsaw – Modlin Airport

1. Shared transfer with other passengers:

1 person – 60PLN

2 people to/from the same address – 80PLN

3 people to/from the same address – 100PLN

4 people to/from the same address – 110PLN

5 people to/from the same address – 150PLN

6 people to/from the same address – 160PLN

Ride in a shared transfer without other passengers – 80PLN (applies to individual bookings that we can’t connect)

2. Private transfer

1 or 2 passengers – 110PLN per car

3 people – 120PLN

4 people - 130PLN

5 people – 170PLN

6 people – 180PLN

7 or 8 people – 200PLN

Transport between airports  Modlin Airport(WMI) and Okęcie Airport (WAW)

1 - 4 people - 130PLN

5 – 6 people – 180PLN

7 – 8 people – 200PLN


Choice of the kind of transport belongs to the state. Price is guarantee and confirmed by email before the service.

Between 23h00 and 6h00 a.m. a night tariff of 25% is added to the basic price.

The cost of transport of passengers from outside of Warsaw and bigger group is determined individually.

Payment can be made by cash to the driver or by bank transfer.

Bank account

MBank S.A.


PL 20 1140 2004 0000 3102 7617 1952


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